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Marisol Gonzalez v. Ines Sainz… Who is hottest sideline reporter ever?

Who wins in the hypothetical match-up of between Marisol Gonzalez and Ines Sainz as the hottest, sexiest sideline reporter of all time.  These two women can stop traffic an probably affect a football game if the QB looks over to the sideline accidentally and catches a glimpse.  The “traditionalist” and those who hold up sports to be like church are not to enamored with having sexy woman patrolling the sidelines at games and some women find it offensive.  Yet if you take sports for what it really is… entertainment; you will realize that the more attractiveness on the screen, the better for the product.  Erin Andrews is probably the most famous of these sideline beauties but her competition is getting stiffer and stiffer by the minute.  Being realistic, the sexy reporter isn’t going anywhere, if anything more and more the sidelines at sporting events look like model shoots.  Freeman’s Sports definitely isn’t complaining.  So who you got?  Marisol V. Ines (We could just call it a tie and take both…)

Marisol Gomez Photo Gallery

Ines Sainz Photo Gallery

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